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Chelsee Strand Driver Manager .In my opinion does not belong telling Sober drivers what to do.These Pictures were from her face book.I have been lied to and about several times.Enjoy :)

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1222708

What anyone does when they are not at work is there business same as you

to Anonymous Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1225028

you know nothing about the trucking industry!


Well she still works there.They have recorded phone lines and can see the qualcomm at any time why do they continue to employ her?They know what she does during work time yet let this slide.I hear it's a great company to work way am I working for her.She looks 19 Really?My cousin also works one likes her.Not wise of an old company to have people such as this.Drink up buttercup I will Never drive for you.


Hey she disrespects all the drivers is a Jamie jr. Do not listen to her lying disrespectfull mouth.All the drivers know where she learned that from.We owe her 0 as a driver.Looks like she enjoys treating drivers like that and then hitting the bottle as a victory dance.But this confirms it she treats every one this way and were tired of it. Lets all band together and turn our backs.Were not gonna take it ANYMORE!!!


Don't forget to check the recorded line and all messages.Bet you the title of your company I am right.


When you do your review Have her bosses boss do it.The immediate one turns a blind eye.


Do a full review on everything.If you find that she has reflected your core values .I will consider this case closed.Take a hard look.



to Anonymous #1165149

Oh I think the pictures speak for themselfs.

to Anonymous #1165154

Really Chelsee you are no one to tell anyone how to run thier lives.In any way shape or form.How you got hired is beyond me.

Anderson Trucking Verified Representative

For over 60 years ATS has built our reputation through our commitment to our core values of Integrity, Determination, Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence in all we do with our drivers, employees, customers, and the communities we serve. We can assure you that our team’s performance and commitment to our values is not reflected in any way in this review and trust that others can appreciate the separation of professional and personal time. -ATS Management

to Anderson_Trucking_Service #1165148

Thats a typical canned responce.How many of you did it take to think that up ?

So its ok for drivers to act like this then?

Its nice to know you stand a (see pictures) vs your drivers.Thank you for your answer.Looks like you have responcible people running things there.

to Anderson_Trucking_Service #1165165

Im sure your core values are not reflected in this post by all the other staff.I have been manipulated and lied to by this one Several times..Does her job description include this?

to Anderson_Trucking_Service #1178626

First off she does not know what she is doing and ALL of the drivers that I have spoken to agree.Oh I forgot the dispatchers do all the work.The drivers don't matter and good luck on getting paid correctly.You double dip on lumper fees.I believe that you use to be a good company but now are GREEDY.

to Anderson_Trucking_Service #1178627

Oh they must if you let your DM's treat drivers this way talk is cheap.

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