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Truck speeding on I95 near Fredericksburg VA 9:34 PM Sunday 11/7. Riding left hand lane marked no commercial vehicles. Riding bumpers of all cars and flashing them from behind! Extremely aggressive to get no where in traffic! Truck A11 Read more

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Hello! Today (10/29/16) I was on HW 235 going south bound towards Wichita KS., when one of your trucks carrying a very large piece of equipment, along with their pilot driver blew right passed a YIELD sign merging on to HW 235 from W HW 96 (this is a road construction area and it is down to ONE lane). Then continued to try to merge in to THREE different vehicles at a speed higher than the marked (50MPH). I would expect a pilot car company that... Read more

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Just started with ATS, signed my lease and got 2 loads the next day, back to back to cover the weekend. I'm going to make more in my 1st weekend than I have most weeks as a company driver. I'll update later, but so far awesome experience here. If anyone has question feel free to email me at

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Tractor #82601 is parked blocking the sidewalk on a residential street in the city of Rochester,NY.This area is not located in a commercial area but a residential area that has a weight limit of 3 tons max on the street.The weight limits are posted on each end of the street and your driver chose to totally disregard these regulations.The truck has been here since Saturday 20,2016.I guess I have to have 100 words so I'll say some things that I... Read more

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I was sent home from orientation after being told my expectations were to high on home time and pay. So let’s talk numbers for a second. I get to orientation and they sit me down and tell me I should gross between 2800 - 3800 dollars per week, and take home 1700 - 2000 per week after expenses. Mind you I'm an owner operator and carry my own physical damage insurance and truck payment meaning my fixed expenses threw them will be very low. Now if... Read more

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I went to orientation with Anderson Trucking Service this past week the first day was great they even feed you dinner but here's the catch I was sent home because I expected to make to much money I talked to many of there drivers who seem to be happy very happy now I was supposed to do Midwest region which my recruiter told me that OTR Drivers and Midwest region drive made the same money which was $1200 weekly now I said to myself why would I... Read more

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I do not understand where so many people have issues with the companies they work for. For the most part, your experience with a company is what you make of it. As a professional truck driver, it is your responsibility to make your money. With ATS, you most definitely can make more than you need. I'm a newer lease driver and have never been so happy with a trucking company. I've been driving tractor trailers for nearly 8 years and the last month... Read more

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Bad Driver manager Chelsee .Needs to be fired or learn her job.Does not communicate.Can not read a map.Thinks that google maps is accurate for trucks.Does not take anything a trucker needs to do into account.Is a *** 99% of the time.Lies to drivers.Has all the garbage accounts.Cherry picks loads.Pick ups are very far from drop wasting company money.If you sign up to work with anderson and she is your Driver manager and they will not change you... Read more

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I been witj ATS after driver for all kinds of companies now for over 18 uears from van to tanks! and now with ATS my name is Phil if you want any information on ATS lease purchase you can call me. At 832 3591524 am i will tell you all about this find company! ATs have give me a truck a new model with no money down! Were can you find a company that give you all equipment to succeed! I think its hard to find! ATS is a great company! Read more

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I started out with a really bad company and after my wife and I did weeks of research on different companies i could switch to we decided on ATS out of St. Cloud, MN. My recruiter was Sean Dwyer and he made the entire process a breeze. He dealt with my numerous calls and questions throughout the time it took to get me on. Before ATS we were really in the hole about to lose everything but our clothes. In one short month we caught up on... Read more

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